Best Broker for Bitcoin trading

5 Resourceful Tips for Selecting the Best Broker for Bitcoin trading

The rapid growth of Bitcoin has seen an upsurge of Bitcoin exchanges and brokers that it’s almost overwhelming for any beginner Bitcoin trader to choose the best. Luckily, this post is going to give you resourceful pointers to help you choose the best broker for your online Bitcoin trading:

Consider customer service when choosing a Bitcoin broker

Like any other trading, Bitcoin trading occurs around the clock, which means customer service and support should be available 24/7. When you run into a problem during trading, you would want an interactive talk with customer service personnel so that the problem is resolved quickly to allow you to continue trading. The customer service personnel should have in-depth knowledge of Bitcoin trading to be able to satisfactorily answer all customers’ questions.

Choose a regulated Bitcoin trader

With so many Bitcoin brokers out there, some might be operating without regulation and this can be risky for your investment. Always ensure that the broker you choose is regulated before you engage them. The body responsible for regulating Bitcoin exchanges has developed a set of rules that govern Bitcoin trading to secure the integrity of the market, including the traders and investors. To trade Bitcoin safely online, make sure to choose a regulated broker. 

The Bitcoin broker should come with different account types

A great Bitcoin broker should offer a range of account options to suit different customer needs. There should be accounts for a beginner, intermediate and experienced brokers. If they can’t offer multiple accounts, then the type of account they offer should come with greater capabilities for customization. Greater customization options allow you to tweak the account to your liking so that you can trade Bitcoins efficiently and fast.

Consider the fees charged by the Bitcoin broker

Trading Bitcoins is not free. The platform facilitating those trades takes a percentage of the transaction to take care of operational costs. If you choose a wrong broker, you might end up getting loses or meager profits. Avoid brokers that charge transaction fees by percentage. Go with the one that charges a flat rate.

Consider liquidity when choosing a Bitcoin broker

The Bitcoin market consists of people who are willing to buy and sell Bitcoins. Therefore, it’s prudent to take into account the amount of liquidity an exchange has. Liquidity means you can sell Bitcoins without a drop in price.


Choosing a broker can mean the difference between succeeding and failing as a Bitcoin investor. If you select the best Bitcoin broker, you have the greatest possibilities of succeeding and vice versa. So take these points seriously when choosing a Bitcoin broker.